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FNP targets Abu Dhabi with dynamic messaging

FNP.ae ads lit up up key roads across Abu Dhabi to capture the attention of commuters and passersby every.

FNP.ae’s adverts across OOH provider, Viola’s digital billboards featured dynamic messages that flashed through an average of 2,000 times each day.

The messaging included phrases like, “Thousands of Gifts, Millions of Emotions” and “Happier Birthdays with FNP Gifts” to bring the joy of gifting to life.

They also targeted special occasions Fathers’ Day and Eid with the messaging, “Superheroes Need Gifts Too” and “The Taste of Eid in Every Grain”.

They placed the billboards on strategic highways across Abu Dhabi to ensure maximum visibility and engagement.

“As a company, we are very performance and numbers-driven. While we know that the impact of brand-building is over the long-term, we were very happy to see the results of our innovative campaign on Sheikh Zayed Road last year,” said Rajesh Kumar, CEO of GCC and SEA regions at FNP.

“Doing multiple creative executions has been a hallmark of FNP.ae. Given that over 500,000 people cross these billboards every day in both directions, we believe it is a smart move to continually refresh the messages and keep them interesting, instead of doing static billboards that are not noticed as much and blend into urban cityscape.”

This outdoor campaigns are all planned and executed by FNP’s brand and media advertising firm Pinstorm.