Campaign’s Faces to Watch, Brand Edition 2021 – Bahaa Moussalli, Head of Marketing, Switz Group/Saudi Masterbaker

Campaign’s Faces to Watch, Brand Edition 2021 – Bahaa Moussalli, Head of Marketing, Switz Group/Saudi Masterbaker

Age: 30

Nominated by Mohamad Awkal, Account Manager at Socialize – Bahaa is a client at Socialize

Bahaa is an exceptional client, who is always looking to innovate and push our marketing strategies to create real consumer connections. Our work with him & Switz is a result of more of a partnership than an agency & client relationship; and it has allowed our Team to experiment, learn and grow our online communities for the brand in impactful ways over the last 6 years.


Bahaa started his advertising career in 2013 at Drive Dentsu gaining knowledge and experience in the digital field and climbing the ranks until he became a Digital Manager. His main role was handling digital creative and media for Toyota and Lexus for the Middle East region.

After his journey with Drive Dentsu, he started the “STEP conference” and became a Co-Founder of MENA’s fastest-growing media company. And later, he became the Co-Founder & CMO of STEP Group.

Alongside his career with STEP Group, Bahaa was also appointed as the Head of Marketing at Switz Group 2 years ago and he is still leading all the communication needed for Switz (and three other leading packaged baked goods brands) to strengthen and retain its awareness and top of mind positioning.

Guiding principles

“We are true to who we are. We know the core of the brand, the mission, and the vision.” This is what Bahaa said about extraordinary business success. He also believes that it’s mandatory to trust your passion tribe and to identify your role accordingly. When the members share a strong relationship, they help each other and the business thrives. “You can never achieve something huge without a team.” So, a group of passionate people is always needed if the brand/company is aiming for the stars.

How has Covid-19 changed your job?

During the peak of COVID, we were all on hyper-communication mode which means up to twice a week video calls. Six months later, this had to change and we had to find our ‘new normal’. It is critical we preserve our creativity and energy throughout this pandemic until the end. First, it was a sprint and now very clearly a marathon and what will help us grow is a strong team built on trust and common values. Then, we started thinking about insights differently and we are more aware and careful of what might negatively trigger our community. That’s why when it comes to strategies and creative platforms, we’re making sure it aligns with our culture at the beginning, and the current situation we’re currently facing.

Side hustle

None but he bakes a mean sourdough loaf.

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 Instagram: homeofswitz

 YouTube: Home of SWITZ