Nominated by Louay Al Samarrai, joint managing director, Active DMC
“Mai is a remarkable young woman and contributes greatly not only to the success of our clients but also to the agency. She recently created and led an all-agency initiative to start our agency’s very own podcast, working late nights and weekends to get the project up and running despite her demanding client workload. She is also well respected and trusted by many of our biggest clients, many of whom ask for her by name. We have been so impressed with her growth and willingness to achieve that we promoted her from a junior account exec after only one year. On top of that, she has also worked simultaneously to achieve four degrees – at the age of only 24!”

Career path
“Magazine writing has always been my favourite pastime since I graduated from the American University of Sharjah in 2015. Before I joined Active DMC, for two years I contributed to key lifestyle and health media outlets as I enjoy researching and drafting opinion pieces about psychology. I also run a full-time mental health blog.”

Guiding principles
Rules I follow in the work place:
Staying positive and having a ‘can-do’ attitude truly makes a difference in the work that one delivers.
Making mistakes and knowing how to fix them is always better than remaining stuck and not learning new skills.
Believing that you are capable of achieving anything is the first step to adding value to any task you work on.
I learned from Stanislava Burianek, Lauren Brush and Sawsan Ghanem All these three women at Active DMC showed me the true meaning of what a woman is capable of when she empowers herself. They all practically taught me that a woman can be an achiever and excel in all the different areas of life.