Campaign’s Faces to Watch, Brand Edition 2021 – Sara El-Esnawy, Retail Marketing Manager, General Motors

Campaign’s Faces to Watch, Brand Edition 2021 – Sara El-Esnawy, Retail Marketing Manager, General Motors

Age: 24

Nominated by Alex Jena, Business Director, Carat UAE

Faced with challenging business conditions and a tough retail environment, Sara has been a tremendous force of positive energy within the team. Sara has a strong drive to inspire creative, innovative work that pushes boundaries whilst also delivering on results and she doesn’t shy away from the detailed metrics to understand the performance in depth.

Sara is also a good team player and gets straight to the point in her communication which is highly beneficial with cross-agency and internal team stakeholders.

It’s good to have her in the team despite the age envy!


After completing two internships with general motors, I joined as the Retail Marketing Specialist for GMC. Being fresh out of university, that first step into the corporate world was a refreshing challenge. With the support of my peers and the growth-oriented culture at GM, I quickly grew into a managerial role working with both Chevrolet and GMC brands. I’m driven by the constant innovation and creativity in the marketing space and having the opportunity to work with so many people. I provide marketing support to our regional network of dealerships across 8 countries in the Middle East, executing 360 campaigns.

Guiding principles

My guiding principle is to always be growing (whether personally or professionally) through knowledge, novel experiences and lessons from the people around me. I believe stagnation is a killer. But growth comes from within, whether it’s a shift in mentality or acquiring or nurturing your skills. Professional growth will follow.

How has Covid-19 changed your job?

Covid has changed the way we build and maintain relationships in the absence of face-to-face interaction. Covid has also accelerated innovations in the digital space, shifting consumer behaviour and bringing more importance to digital marketing. This makes it essential to pay attention to data and keep innovating to be ahead.

Side hustle

I am passionate about health, fitness and travel, one of my coolest achievements is having recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro! I’m also building my knowledge in the investing space and would love to start a podcast about travel, health and finance to help other people with the knowledge I’ve acquired.

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Instagram: @saraesnawy