Campaign’s Faces to Watch, Brand Edition 2021 – Rita Wehbe, Head of The Shop By TikTok, TikTok

Campaign’s Faces to Watch, Brand Edition 2021 – Rita Wehbe, Head of The Shop By TikTok, TikTok

Age: 26

Nominated by Fahad Osman, Regional Director – GBM – Direct Manager

Rita is one of the most self-reliant, multi-disciplinary and down to earth people I have had the pleasure of working with. She came in, had an idea and ran with it, in every sense of the word. The Shop is a concept that started from nothing and is now a critical part of our service offering to clients and a large part of our success in getting so many clients to be able to be brave on TikTok.


I majored in HR since interacting with people has always excited me and opened a new world for me – social media. I landed myself a job in creating and managing content for a Startup Accelerator in Lebanon while utilizing the power of social media through my passion for food blogging. That further fueled my journey to join the Virgin Radio team in Dubai and exploring different formats of media by working in an agency handling Meraas and Dubai Holding.

The modern shift of the digital age has opened a new opportunity for me to explore the power of storytelling through my current role at TikTok.

Guiding principles

I don’t know isn’t an option.  Adding skills to your repertoire is critical today to be able to grow – every piece of knowledge or capability you gain is another step towards significance and success.

How has Covid-19 changed your job?

When you’re working at one of the coolest tech companies, Covid simply has no impact. It’s Always Day 1 at TikTok – a new day to create great content, engage in challenging yet exciting opportunities and most importantly to have fun- making the entire work from home experience exceptional.

Side hustle

I’m an aspiring entrepreneur, launched my clothing brand back in 2017 that made me love the idea of becoming a business owner. Therefore, I’m currently working on personal projects in Fashion and Food while also consulting for startups and brands on the creative and media side of things.

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