Campaign’s Faces to Watch, Brand Edition 2021 – Mouad Jaafari, Regional Head of Digital Projects & Infrastructures, Jaguar Land Rover

Campaign’s Faces to Watch, Brand Edition 2021 – Mouad  Jaafari, Regional Head of Digital Projects & Infrastructures, Jaguar Land Rover

Age: 30

Nominated by Ziad El Zyr, Associate Media Director  / JLR Media Lead at Dentsu X

Mouad’s extensive digital knowledge gives him the ability to optimize key digital projects and contribute greatly to the media planning at our agency. He always has a positive attitude with the team and is always ready to extend support when needed. Mouad’s curious nature has benefited both parties greatly and strengthened the client-agency partnership, which is one with mutual respect and admiration. Together, we have managed to bolster the MENA region among the top-performing SEO markets within the JLR global network.


Since I graduated in 2012 as an industrial engineer, I’ve been actively engaged in the field of digital marketing within the areas of: ‘’Performance marketing’’ and ‘’Growth hacking’’.

After 8 years in the North African market, I joined the JLR MENA team last year as the Regional Head of Digital. With a strong technical background in Communication & Infrastructure acquired in my previous roles as digital director in both Starcom and Mindshare Morocco, I am hoping to drive the digital transformation at Jaguar Land Rover towards an even more efficient data-driven precision marketing.

Guiding principles

Throughout my career, I always tried steering our strategies towards customer-first, human-centric data-driven communication. My goal is to provide a seamless journey that would require minimal action from the customers whilst fulfilling their existing needs without intruding or overstepping on privacy.

How has Covid-19 changed your job?

Working from home and social distancing were all challenges that came with the pandemic. But they were also motivations that pushed me to find effective ways of doing business. To better serve our customers, we prioritized safety by rejuvenating our digital journey and upgrading our e-commerce platforms across the region.

Side hustle

I played tennis on a semi-professional level for about 19 years and would like to squeeze in some extra time to practice.

Also, whenever the weather allows it, I go on hikes. As I am a big animal lover, I try to participate in rescuing and pet rehoming missions.

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