Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2021 —Gavril Mankoo, Account Director – Digital, Action Global Communications

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2021 —Gavril Mankoo, Account Director – Digital, Action Global Communications

Age: 30

Nominated by Euan Megson, Managing Director, Action Global Communications

Since joining Action’s UAE office in late 2018, Gavril has led efforts to build and mature a multi-faceted social and digital marketing team to complement the agency’s traditional PR output. As a chief enabler in our wider integration and service expansion objectives, Gavril has proven a rare breed of methodical strategist and bold executioner. Equally adapt at managing both large-scale blue-chip companies, government-level clients and new-to-market SMEs and start-ups,  Gavril has displayed seasoned acumen when navigating the inherent financial considerations in any growth strategy realised over a short period of time – let alone a pandemic.  Plugged into today and wise before his time – he’s the definition of a face to watch.


I am a digital strategist with a decade of experience in social media content and communications. Beginning my career as a blogger and copywriter, I found myself drawn towards the ever-evolving social media landscape in early 2012 and have dug deep since! Over the years, I have successfully used real insights and analytics to devise tactics and solutions for my clients. Currently, I consult UAE-based government agencies on social media content and strategy, and work with clients across a wide gamut of industries, from aviation and FMCG brands to hospitality and sport.

Guiding principles

Your audience is smarter than you think. To break through the muddle and chaos of digital marketing, be brave, trust your audience to understand you and sidestep away from conventionality. Content must be exclusive, memorable and keep audiences hungry – a barrage of good content eventually lessens its value.

How has Covid changed your job?

Covid and the lockdown have drawn more people to digital media platforms with content consumption rates across social media peaking. This tendency to rely on digital mediums for information is now turning habitual. Brands are recognising this behavioural change and are increasingly demanding, keeping me on my toes through Covid!

Side hustle

I have often been asked why I do not have a side hustle yet. It’s simple. I treat my job as my own business. Even when not at work, I’m constantly thinking, researching, strategizing and networking. This has helped me work consciously towards business goals and make better decisions.

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