Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Lana Bilani, Senior social media manager, Netizency

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Lana Bilani, Senior social media manager, Netizency

Age: 26

Tamara Habib, business director, Netizency: Lana is absolutely driven and motivated, and that’s what makes working with her so rewarding. She is quick, creative and has the strongest sense of ownership. She never settles for average, and every client that she has ever worked with always praises her dedication and passion. It seems that no challenge is too big for Lana and that’s why she is given the responsibilities of handling our biggest clients and projects. And she does it all with a sense of humour that makes her an office favourite.

Career highlights

One of the first highlights of my career was my move to LA to work on LAFW, where I was able exposed to an industry I was interested in exploring.

The next one was moving to Netizency and learning all about the world of social media. Very quickly I was given more and more responsibilities and even got to work on two Effie-award-winning campaigns in the same year. Being able to contribute and having our efforts recognised and rewarded at such a high level pushes me to do even more. I love working in an environment where teamwork allows us and our clients to constantly explore and implement new ideas.

Guiding principles

Self-motivation and to always keep learning and working on myself. I also value kindness and consideration. Life lessons and my family’s guidance taught me the value of all of the above.

Dream job

My dream job will always involve Marketing; I have a love and passion for it. I would love to work on a large-scale campaign that would have a long-lasting impression. Whether it be global campaigns or guerrilla marketing stunts, I strive to create an emotional connection with a large group of people. If a brand can make you smile or shed a tear, you know there’s a pretty strong emotional bond there, and I want to be a part of that.

Side hustle

Anything to do with animal care – I do my part whenever I can to adopt, foster, and rescue animals in need. I can only imagine how rewarding it would be as a full-time job. I got my love for animals from my family; it stems all the way back to my great grandparents.


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