Nominated by Ahmad Itani, founder and CEO, Cicero & Bernay Public Relations
“Maysa-Jana heads business development and operations at Cicero & Bernay Public Relations. Since taking up the role, she has contributed significantly to diversifying the industries that C&B supports and gained some of its highest-profile clients. Her expertise and diligent client relationship skills are key factors for the high retention rate and organic growth, capturing new opportunities that leverage the creative and digital arms. Working under stringent deadlines, Maysa-Jana adopts a client-centric methodology for each new business lead.”
“While nurturing the business development unit has been a focus over the past years, Maysa-Jana also plays a key role in vetting and the allocation of the most suited resources to the organisational structures and supporting their growth and efficiencies to their utmost capabilities.”
“Maysa-Jana’s tenure also comprises the expansion of the Dubai-based agency to a network across 19 markets covering the MENA region and the Indian subcontinent, building the C&B brand through tracking emerging trends and securing strategic partnership opportunities with top regional industry associations and events that align with the agency’s vision.”

Career path
“After joining C&B as an Account Manager in 2012, I transitioned into business development manager in 2014 and quickly climbed up the ranks to head the business development department. It was an honour and privilege for me to be appointed as the director of operations earlier this year.”

Guiding principles
As a strong proponent of positivity, growth, and inspiration, I abide by two principles: integrity and adaptability. While the former is of utmost necessity when it comes to interpersonal relationships, the latter is a paramount trait that I believe paves the path for a company’s success.