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Campaign graduates 2016: Yasmine Hamadallah

Campaign asked interns and recent graduates about how they see their role in the industry changing in the next five years

Yasmine Hamadallah

Yasmine Hamadallah

Age: 18

Degree: Economics, politics and international studies, University of Warwick, UK

Position: Strategic planner intern, TBWA\Raad

The advertising industry is at a crossroads today more than ever. Advertising, marketing and PR, which used to be distinct fields, are now becoming increasingly intertwined. More and more, the internet and social media are giving rise to an era of do-it-yourself advertising for brands and entrepreneurs, leaving many in the advertising industry wondering if the days of all-encompassing Mad Men agencies have now become obsolete. While it is undeniable that the industry is changing at lightning speed, I believe that rather than disintegrating completely, agencies will merely evolve and adapt. Now, what does that mean for someone like me, just starting out in this industry? Well, a couple of things.

First, advertising will likely become far more specialised. Today’s watchwords are Faster, Smarter and Cheaper. New advertisers such as myself will be working on a smaller segment of advertising. Advertisers will need to deepen their knowledge about specific segments in order to speak their client’s language.

This is directly linked to the second shift we will likely be witnessing: the necessity for advertisers not only to present content but also to help clients build content. The speed at which the world is moving means clients have now become active participants in the advertising of their product.

What value-added can an actual advertiser then bring to the table? Knowing what content is relevant and will resonate with the targeted demographic. Indeed, while brands may now possess the tools to market themselves, advertisers still better understand which content will have an impact. And therein lies their power.

Finally, I believe there is something to be said for the increasing importance of influencers in advertising. Indeed, social influencers and new media sources are quickly becoming invaluable assets to agencies and this is likely to be even more prevalent in the coming years. Advertisers should therefore take advantage of these new resources and unlock their potential by working with influencers as a channel for advertising.

Overall, I believe the future ahead remains bright. Things are changing, yes. But with change comes new challenges, and that means exciting new opportunities and career prospects for budding advertisers.