Snapchat expands its measurement offering in MENA with MMM

Snap today extended its Marketing Mix Modeling Partner Program to MENA, further enhancing the comprehensive suite of tools it provides marketers in order to measure the return on their investment. Brands in MENA will be able to measure the impact of their campaigns on Snapchat alongside other marketing channels including TV, radio, print and digital through econometric measurement.

Snap says, many advertisers have seen positive branding results from campaigns on Snapchat as a result of in app polling surveys run with measurement partners including Nielsen and Millward Brown. In the past three years, Snap has measured nearly 1,000 campaigns with these partners across 12 countries and 15+ verticals. As part of the company’s increasing measurement sophistication, it is now expanding its capabilities to allow brands to understand sales lift and ROAS (return on ad spends) using the data it provides directly.

Snap has partnered with eight leading measurement companies to ensure a comprehensive offering in MENA. Following the launch of the Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) partner programme in the US in July 2017, this offering extends existing partnerships with Analytic Partners, Kantar, Marketing Management Analytics and Nielsen, as well as adding brand new partnerships with Capella MENA (the data analytics arm of UM, Initiative, Magna and Platform 5), Omnicom Media Group MENA (group agency network of Annalect, Hearts & Science, OMD, PHD) and Publicis Media (group agency network of Starcom, Spark Foundry, Zenith, Blue 449 and Performics), as well as independent MMM specialist Ekimetrics. Results in the US to date demonstrate that Snapchat is a great compliment to broader media campaigns for brands. Evidence showing that Snapchat can add a further 8% incremental reach beyond that of TV even with 1/25th of TV spend. It also delivers 8x higher return efficiency than TV in driving sales – for example, up to 10x for carbonated soft drinks.

“Snapchat ad products are not only unique, but they are driven by the same innovation that drives our consumer products which is great for clients and advertising partners,” said Julie Caironi, Measurement Lead for Snap in MENA. “Understanding their impact on product sales therefore requires a deeper understanding of our advertising solutions, the campaign delivery information we provide and how to work with us to generate deeper learnings. The MMM Partner Programme that we are launching internationally allows this to happen for more clients and partners across the MENA region.”

George Papandreopoulos, General Manager of Capella MENA, MCN: “Today’s partnership announcement with Snapchat is a powerful opportunity for Capella MENA to further strengthen our data measurement capabilities for current and new clients. Sharing data to work on better measurement elevates our understanding of how consumers make purchases so we are very excited to be part of this initiative.”

Jean-Baptiste Bouzige, CEO, Ekimetrics: “Our clients strive to get the most holistic and accurate view of marketing ROI and customers’ engagement. It is crucial for Ekimetrics to source the best quality data to ensure that our advanced analytics are as accurate and insightful as possible. In that context, we are very excited to partner with Snapchat. Together, we’ll be able to provide deeper recommendations, better support across digital formats, and to further inform long term decisions.”

Raouf Ketani, Head of Annalect, Omnicom Media Group MENA: “Understanding the impact of every media channel is extremely important to us and our clients, and the only way we can do this is with proper measurement in place. With this in mind, it’s great to see this Snap initiative reach the Middle East. We’re delighted to be among the first agency groups in the region to make this available to our clients.”

Racha Makarem, Managing Director Data Science, Publicis Media MENA:  “As Publicis Media, we foster a culture of Talent, Trust and Transformation. We take our commitment as a trusted, transparent partner to our clients very seriously and we are proud to be leading the way with Snapchat to create a measurement framework for the new media solutions of today and tomorrow.”

Snap says, today they offer measurement solutions in MENA across verification, viewability, reach, resonance and reaction through partners including Sizmek, MOAT, Integral Ad Science, Nielsen and Millward Brown. Snap also offers proprietary solutions including the Snap Pixel which helps advertisers to measure direct response goals such as driving leads, subscriptions, or product sales by seeing how many Snapchatters take action on their website after seeing their ad. We also enable advertisers to measure incremental visitors to their store with our Snap to Store solution.