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Production industry snapshot – Dania Salha Quaglio, executive producer, Camouflage Productions

Production industry snapshot

You have been named the Most Instrumental Woman in Media Production 2018 by Corporate Vision, and have been a producer and executive producer for the most successful production companies in the region. Now that you founded your own, Camouflage Productions, please tell us more about it

This endeavour was conceived as we decided to take what we have mastered for years to the next level. Camouflage Productions is a boutique production house I founded with my business partner Walid Fareed – specialised in event management – and a team of media professionals striving to always raise the standards of our productions with no compromise. We manage a roster of talent from all over the globe and work closely with them along with our partners to achieve their goals in any type of production belonging to any genre. The core of our team’s expertise consists of film and TV commercial productions, photography, post production, digital content, and event management.

What in your opinion makes Camouflage Productions a leader in the industry despite the fact that it is a brand new company?

We have a thorough understanding of the clients’ strategic needs in these changing markets, and of course, the ability to adapt to all new circumstances and business models. We guide our vision with confidence and aim to grow our reputation alongside our distinguished clients to ultimately create distinct work for the betterment of the media industry. Our in-house team consists of one of the best director researchers in town and top notch producers with more than 10 years of international experience in the field, from South Africa to the USA, Europe and the MENA region. We also represent Harald Zwart, international film director, exclusively in the region. Harald directed several international feature films including The Karate Kid and Pink Panther.

As a start-up, how are the regional market and business treating you?

With more than 20 bids and three actual productions we have been handling for major brands since we started operating in July 2018, I can assure you that the market is doing well; it only does it to those who are ready to adapt to its new model and needs, though.

What is Camouflage Production’s biggest challenge today?

Our biggest challenge is showing clients that producing is art, not just business. Major productions can come from passionate smaller players, non-traditional players, people who dare, believe in their dreams and make them come true.