Interview with Abdulla Mohammed Al Murad, Chairman, Al Murad Group.

How are you seeing radio and audio consumption change?
As with any other medium, even radio has gone through change over time. The current radio format is more localised and well connected with its audiences.
Now many are consuming radio online and via mobile apps. But still the highest consumption is in the car. As one of the leading broadcasters, we are reaching our audiences on every available platform.

What changes are you seeing in the way marketers use radio and audio advertising?
The cost effectiveness of using radio for advertising is well documented, but recently we have been seeing better targeted radio campaigns. More and more clients are wisely using long-term radio sponsorships and digital interactions, and engagements using radio as part of their overall brand plans, which helps provide them with useful flexibility.

What is the biggest challenge in radio today and how are you tackling it?
From a product perspective, making strong, local, engaging and relevant content has always been the challenge, especially in the diverse UAE market.
From a business point of view the challenge is to ensure a decent return on investment for our advertisers and for the operators. While the medium continues to receive pressure from other sales and marketing mediums, its continued success depends upon high quality product, quality presenters, innovative ideas and an efficient and mutually beneficial customer relationship.

What changes in radio and audio media and advertising are you most excited about in the next couple of years?
With the rapid technological development, it is interesting to see how radio is getting integrated with other online mediums while keeping its own unique identity and flavour. We are successfully able to offer our clients an integrated solution, which is a combination of on-air and online platforms. This approach benefits advertisers with high return on investment in terms of reach and effectiveness. We believe this approach will work for advertisers in years to come.