Habib Wehbi’s lessons from the ladder

If you don’t lose you don’t win.

Some people do not believe in luck – at all. They strictly believe in a perfect work equals results formula. I believe in the marriage of both: luck and hard work.

During the course of my twenty three years career in the media and entrepreneurship hemisphere, I realized that the more you trust your intuitions, and the more you believe in luck, chances are you will attract better things to you.

It is not about a sheer blessing that comes to people randomly, it is in fact a mindset of optimism and determination. Lucky people in business are courageous people; they take risks! And if there is a common belief between these individuals who have fulfilled their ambitions and dreams it is that they believe in a high risk – high return approach.

Throughout my journey, I have seen come to life and thrive several companies that I have put so much hard work and dedication into, while taking serious risks that could have had a very negative impact. But hadn’t I taken these risks I wouldn’t have learned what I know today, and I wouldn’t have been able to create a holding company with a very diversified portfolio that keeps growing. This risk and result experience across many years have led me to finding the business risk and success ratio: three out of ten companies you thought will make it, won’t. But HEY – seven others do.

Success does not come sole handedly, it is minds that think alike and have a common purpose that are capable of achieving and creating favorable outcomes. That is why I believe that the third best thing after luck and hard work is a determined team of positive, reliable and ambitious individuals who come together for a unified purpose and make things happen!

There is no such thing as someone being smarter than someone in the business world; there is someone who seizes the opportunity when it knocks on his or her door and someone who doesn’t. Always stay watchful for that opportunity.