C2 NATIVE and Oracle host seminar on Digital Transformation and Customised Patient Experience in healthcare

C2 NATIVE, the data-driven marketing and communication lab, has achieved another milestone with the seminar on digital transformation and customised patient experience in the healthcare sector of UAE. The healthcare sector in the UAE has launched the UAE Vision 2021. According to the US-UAE Business Council, among other objectives, it aims to ‘elevate the quality of healthcare services [and] improve patient experience’.

C2 NATIVE in partnership with Oracle hosted a seminar at Oracle DIC on November 14th focusing on the importance of patient-centric and value-based healthcare services through digital transformation. The event featured four speakers on the following topics: ‘Dubai Medical Strategy’, ‘Healthcare Patient Experience’ and how to improve and ‘Manage Engagement’ with patients.

The seminar focused on C2 NATIVE’s services like prospect mining and the segment-of-one methodology. The seminar also touched on the potential of data unification across business units, and converting this into actionable data that helps sustain and grow businesses.

Cumai Aboul Housn, Chief Innovation Officer of C2 NATIVE, said in his statement, “There was noticeable engagement from the attendees which showed the importance of digital personalisation in health care as well as local business awareness about how crucial it is to start their data transformation journey.” He also added, “Martech and Commtech are powerful drivers that can overcome patient experience challenges by building trust and changing their perception which enables businesses to offer better experiences.”

From a business perspective, Roy Aftimos, Executive Director of C2 NATIVE stated, “There is a gap in holistic solution providers that integrate all business processes, including services and communication, that can empower the management team to face business challenges. This opens the door for C2 NATIVE to take the lead in improving the patient’s experience in the healthcare sector through personalised digital transformation.”

The seminar is a step in C2 NATIVE’s growth as a business enabler in the field of data-driven marketing and communication.