Byblos Bank: No Place Like Home

In 2016, the Lebanese housing market had reached near saturation, with every resident who could afford to buy a house, already owning one, and with less homes being sold across Lebanon, and less housing loans being taken in the country, all of this wasn’t good news for Byblos Bank, given that it was launching its new housing loans – with lower interest rates and special benefits.

With 5 times-more Lebanese living abroad, than in Lebanon, and more than 50% of them wanting to move back home to Lebanon one day, the opportunity to grow was in targeting Lebanese ex-pats abroad, and since, Lebanese in Lebanon were not potential volume drivers, to sell and promote these new housing loans, we changed the target and the product and introduced The Expat Housing Loans.

We targeted Lebanese expats, through an integrated campaign, timed during the summer holidays when they were returning home or had returned home, and reminded them about the MANY emotional, nostalgic and personal reasons to own a home, in Lebanon, their home country, with one of those reasons being Byblos Bank’s expat housing loans.

  • Emile Atallah Managing director Fp7 Bey
  • Tahaab Rais Regional head of planning Fp7 MENA
  • Carl Bou Abdallah Senior brand planner Fp7 Bey
  • Karim Kazan Executive creative director       Fp7 Bey
  • Stephanie Koyess Art director Fp7 Bey
  • Jad Chamaa Art director EX Fp7 Bey
  • Wassim El Ghaoui Art director EX Fp7 Bey
  • Nassif Abou Aloula Business director Fp7 Bey
  • Ramzi Awad Senior account executive Fp7 Bey
  • Nada Tawil Head of group communication Byblos bank
  • Tatiana Nader Head of communication planning Byblos bank
  • Maia Maatalani Head of retail communication Byblos Bank
  • Colette Cherfane Managing director UM Bey
  • Ghida Ismail Senior media planner UM Bey
  • Nadine Bou Ali Media supervisor UM Bey



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