Valentine’s Day surprise with Air Arabia.

Air Arabia partnered with Careem on the last weekend before Valentine’s Day. Three couples who called cabs for their usual weekend dining out were offered an instant possibility of flying out to Georgia, Sri Lanka or Armenia that same night. Then they had to get to the airport in a couple of hours to fly out for their Valentine’s day celebrations. Dance FM also partnered, and a DJ interacted with the couples in the cars.

Air  Arabia wants to promote frequent flying habit, since they offer low price to fly more. Brand needs to be more visible in Dubai and engage more. They worked on the insights that Millennials in Dubai spend a lot on weekends, especially on Staycation and dining out.

BPG Maxus and Air Arabia marketing team team saw this opportunity in providing the Dubai millennials an alternate to spending weekends here in Dubai.  “With low price point offer from Air Arabia,  people can easily use the weekend trips for a short haul vacation. We partnered with Careem before Valentine’s Day, three couples who called cabs for a usual drive down for a weekend dine out, were offered an instant possibility of flying out to Georgia/Colombo or Armenia that same night, rather in few hours. Amidst awe and surprise emotions that followed, we also had the challenge of dropping them to the airport in couple of hours, but managed to fly them out seamlessly for the Valentine’s day celebrations”.

Dance FM partnered as well and RJ Katie interacted with the passengers while they were in Careem cars.



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