OMD Predicts speakers will explore future of personalised communications

Martin Lindstrom

OMD has revealed more details about OMD Predicts, its annual thought-leadership conference.

The line-up of speakers assembled for this event, which will take place on September 20, includes Martin Lindstrom, a child prodigy who started his career in Lego’s design department at the age of 12. Now described by the Chartered Institute of Marketing as one of the world’s most respected branding gurus, Lindstrom will discuss the new role of communications for the modern consumer. He will share the innovative approach, rooted in science, he gives to the blue-chip companies with which he consults.

Brian Solis, a digital analyst, futurist and global influencer on new media, will address the strategies brands need to adopt in order to build more meaningful relationships with their consumers. The top-selling author, whose Twitter account was listed by Mashable as one of the 25 that will make you smarter, will showcase the infrastructure that enables organisations to excel in the era of connected consumers.

OMD EMEA’s chief digital officer, Blake Cuthbert, will focus on how brands can address audiences in hyper-relevant ways, using advanced targeting strategies that prioritise need-states over demographics and attitudes. Leveraging his vast experience in producing award-winning work, Alex Brunori, Google’s head of creative agencies in MENA, will build on this point and present new uses of data to make brand communications more human and intuitive.

Marketers from McDonald’s and Infiniti will also weigh in on the conversation, joining the speakers and representatives from DMS and Snapchat in two panel discussions.

“This continuous transformation the industry is undergoing needs guidance, shaping and foresight so that we make sure it’s going in the right direction,” says Nadim Samara, CEO of OMD UAE. “This year’s edition of OMD Predicts will help marketing practitioners unravel the elements of this evolution in consumer behavior and the technology driving it. By gaining a clearer picture of where we are headed and how we, as marketers, need to transform our strategies, we will be able to steer our organizations with stronger confidence and ultimately generate better results.”