Tonic creates influencer campaign for Peroni


Independent Dubai-based Tonic has launched a digital influencer campaign for Italian beer brand Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

The campaign entitled Gems of Italia is based around influencers representing the four pillars of Peroni: fashion, design, food and travel.

They were given the chance to explore hidden gems of Italy. Along with influencer posts, the campaign was supported by events, aperitivos and consumer competitions.

The influencers involved in the campaign included Elias El Indari, food blogger Zoe Bowker, Herald Herrera and Caterina Zanzi.

Digital director – Mamta Varerkar

Account manager – Samira Abdelmalek

Creative team (concept) – Matteo Maggiore and Saniya Saifi

Website – Jesper Ramadan

Online content – Nicolas Richard and Renaud Heneffe

Creative director – Joao Camacho



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