Retailer Max encourages #FashionBonding


Fashion brand Max’s social experiment, released on YouTube, focuses on the age-old friendly conflict between parent and child over fashion choices.

Max was curious to see what happens when the mother takes up the challenge to style her daughter, and
vice versa.

Through the experience, mother and daughter strengthen their emotional bond. They respect each other’s individuality and understand that they have to take each other’s opinion into consideration.

The storyline then moves into realising individual styles, which then becomes a reason for the campaign’s hashtag, #FashionBonding.

Brand: Max

TITLE: Fashion for Real People – Social Experiment

AGENCY: Leo Burnett

Production: Milkshake Media

Producer: Dev Vaswani

Director: Danielle Arden

Regional Executive director: Andre Nassar

Senior copywriter: Samer Zouehid

Regional MD (arc worldwide): Raja Sowan



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