STC unveils a fresh side to Saudi Arabia’s image


Saudi Telecom Company has unveiled a major new campaign aimed at dispelling the stereotypical ideas around Saudi Arabia to both the world and to Saudis themselves.

J. Walter Thompson created ‘Unveil Saudi’, a project that invited local bloggers, social media influencers and photographers to journey with STC through the Kingdom’s lesser-known villages, towns and small cities to document a side of the country beyond oil and desert.

“People outside the Kingdom are unable to view the country the way Saudis do,” explained Ahmed Al Sahhaf, general manager of Consumer Marketing Communication at STC. “All too often, images and mass media portray desert and oil.

“But sometimes, even Saudis need to be reminded of the beauty and diverse landscape across their vast country.

“The images on Unveil Saudi are a reminder of our colourful and joyous land; green mountains, clear streams, cloud-covered cable car rides, fields and parks, dusky night time shots, stunning canyons, artisanal products, and beautiful marine life, as well as our historic forts and fabulous heritage of which we are immensely proud.”


The series of videos (which includes 360-degree shots), pictures and stories were uploaded on the spot to an online platform, with each image tagged with the location and the GPS co-ordinates to showcase STC’s broadband coverage.

STC also hosted a competition for everyday Saudis to take inspiring photos of their country and share them on social media.

Al Sahhaf added: “This is a subtle way to actively engage Saudi consumers with the real life demonstration of STC’s excellent broadband coverage, and a conversation Saudis are enjoying.

“In addition it is an image bank for showcasing Saudi, which has not been done before. How to further leverage this unique content to the benefit of Saudis is something we are actively looking at. As the saying goes, ‘stay tuned’.”

Following  the initial launch, STC has since organised another ‘journey’, which will include work from popular Saudi blogger Adwa Al Dakheel.



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