Coca-Cola offers excess baggage, opens happiness (updated)

Activation by Y&R LabStore and Y&R Dubai was executed at Dubai Airport. Watch the video here.

Coca-Cola kicked off  its ‘Wish upon a Coke’ campaign on 22 December 2014 at Terminal 1 of Dubai Airport. Through a one-day activation, it sought to delight those flying back home in the peak holiday season in need of extra baggage allowance.

The video (above) features several people from overseas at the airport checking in their baggage to return home. Coca-Cola promoters approached those struggling with excess baggage and offered them a bottle of the beverage. When a second label on the bottle added on for the exercise was removed, they discovered an excess baggage tag for 5 kilos on its reverse.

The text on the brand’s YouTube page explains: “As part of Coca-Cola’s new Wish Upon a Coke campaign, we decided to surprise people on their way home for the holidays at one of the busiest airports in the world – Dubai International Airport. To do this, we created a special label for Coke bottles that doubled as an excess baggage tag. Passengers unable to carry many presents because of overweight luggage were then surprised with our special bottles, allowing them an extra 5 kilos of happiness – a wish come true!”

The concept was crafted in October 2014. Coca-Cola credits Dubai Airports with whom it collaborated for the exercise, saying they ‘greatly aided our ideas through their helpful staff’.

There’s more to come as part of ‘Wish upon a Coke’, informed a Coca-Cola spokesperson, adding that the activation idea fitted into the brand’s new campaign insight for the Asian community in the UAE.

This campaign will spread across touch points starting with a promotion on the packaging, with prizes like flight vouchers to travel back home, LED TVs (which the brand will  offer to also ship ), tablets, mobile phones, McDonald’s offers and free drinks.


Client: Coca-Cola Middle East

Group brand manager: Amina Ijaz

Marketing manager: Effie Kontopoulou

Marketing manager/Middle East: Tolga Cebe

Director – public affairs and communications: Antoine Tayyar

Y&R LabStore Dubai:
Executive creative director /creative director: Joseph Bihag

Business director: Zaakesh Mulla

Y&R Dubai:

Executive creative director: Kalpesh Patankar

Executive creative director/creative director: Ash Chagla

Copywriter: Athina Lalljee

Art director: Nada Hassan

Group business director: Rene Reda

Account director: Nora Ferneine

Account executive: Dima Malaeb

Strategic planner: Munther Al Sheyyab

Head of production: Sam Eid

Post production supervisor: Subash Mishra

Production manager: Binnu Cherian

Producer: Khushi Rawat

Production house: Concept View Media

Director: Frederico Beja

Producer: Dalia Abuzeid

Production manager: Ali Sadoon

DOP: Robert Babekhul and Tiago Soares

Original music and sound design: Ricardo Guedes

Production assistant: Shanawaz Saina

(Updated with inputs from Coca-Cola and credits at 5 pm on 3 February.)



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