Johnnie Walker stokes fire within, in #KeepWalkingLebanon sequel

 Watch the campaign conceptualised by Leo Burnett Beirut here.

Johnnie Walker has launched the next leg of its #KeepWalkingLebanon campaign, conceptualised by Leo Burnett Beirut.

The campaign celebrates the fire within, inspiring viewers to keep it burning. Shot outdoors, it stars a flame that braves the storm. The battle between fire and water rages through day and night. The resilient fiery spirit triumphs in the end. The voice over surmises, “Storms shall always pass. But the fire inside burns on.” An Arabic version is running in Lebanon. A shorter edit of the three-minute film is on TV.

A note from the agency explained that no no computer graphics were used, and that the ‘battle’ between the storm and the flame was shot on a 40,000 sq.m. terrain in Lebanon.

A social engagement leg has also gone live. People are invited to write inspirational messages about resilience in Lebanon with #keepwalkinglebanon. An artist is moving across Lebanon to draw these messages at night , allowing the brand to respond to users with a photo of their message created with fire. Some users have been invited to the night shoots to appear in the photo of their message. This activity commenced on 6 November and is slated to go on for two weeks.


Client: Diageo

Brand: Johnnie Walker

Agency: Leo Burnett Beirut

Regional Executive Creative Director: Malek Ghorayeb

Creative Director – Beirut: Areej Mahmoud

Associate Creative Director: Davina Atallah

Arabic Copywriter: Lama Bawadi

Art Director: Nadia Deghaily

Regional Managing Director – Levant: Kamil Kuran

Managing Director – Beirut: Nada Abi Saleh

Head of Communication: Peter Mouracade

Communication Director: Hisham Kekhia

Communication Supervisor: Diego De Aristegui

Communication Executive: Raphael Jadaa

Communication Executive: Misbah Natour

Managing Director Leo Burnett PR: Jo Chemali

PR Communication Executive: Ghassan Jawhar

Regional Digital Director for Innovation and Strategy: Samer Shoueiry

Director of Digital Delivery and Activation: Tony Kayouka

Digital Planner: Tina Syoufi

Film Production

Production company: Stoked

Executive producer: Charbel Aouad

Director: Hadi

Producer: Rita El Hachem

DOP: Will Humphris

Editor: Javi

Post Production: Finish

Colorist: Paul Harrison

Music: Cliff Martinez “Life is a tapestry”

Sound design: Simon Cross


Production company: Stoked

Executive producer: Charbel Aouad

Calligrapher/Fire Artist/Photographer: Karim Jabbari

Producer: Rita El Hachem



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