The search continues for Lebanon’s disappeared

Grey Beirut is rolling out an emotional campaign for Lebanese NGO Act for the Disappeared.

The campaign, which includes TV spots, billboards and social media, is seeking to highlight the ongoing impact of the issue of Lebanon’s disappeared – 17,000 of whom have gone missing since the beginning of the country’s civil war 37 years ago. The goal is to find a meaningful solution to the issue of those who have disappeared since 1975.

“We wanted to create a campaign that could touch the war generation as much as the youngest one, who did not live it,” said Marc Chalhoub, Grey’s chief creative officer. “We also worked around the idea of ‘the waiting’ in order to dramatise the painful moments that these families have been living daily for over two decades. Although the subject is about the disappeared, the main drama also relies on their families and how some of them have been torn apart, and this campaign is a sort of tribute to their enduring pain.

“This campaign is also a message to our government to take action and close this sad part of our country’s history once and for all. Finally, it’s wonderful to see the great energy spent by the many people who contributed in the production of this campaign, and I take this opportunity to send them a big thank you, you did great for your society and your country.”

The TVCs were shot by VIP Films and BeirutWorks.



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