Damas turns to social media for relaunch

Jewellery company Damas has launched its biggest ever social media campaign as part of the relaunch of its Farfasha brand.

The UAE-based company, which is also rolling out a TV and cinema commercial featuring re-signed brand ambassador Nancy Ajram, has allocated 10 per cent of its total marketing budget to social media and other digital initiatives, including Facebook, Twitter, You-Tube, Foursquare and the utilisation of QR codes.

The digital work has been created by Gozoop and sits alongside the above-the-line work carried out by FP7, which is the first it has created since it won the account earlier this year. Media buying and planning is being handled by FP7’s sister agency UM.

Raj Sahai, director of sales at Damas Jewellery, said: “This is really the first time our company has utilised most of the social media applications. The various tools available will enable us to engage with our target market proactively and regularly in view of the active competition from other brands.”

He added: “The Farfasha brand was first launched in 2005/2006 to showcase a trendy and colourful gold jewellery line to fashion-conscious, stylish and youthful consumers. We are targeting the same market segment and these are the people who are very much into social media, with their iPhones, iPads, BlackBerries, and other smartphones.”
“We are also present on YouTube, where our latest TV commercials can be viewed. In addition, we are utilising QR codes, which will direct users to the Farfasha Facebook page. The codes will eventually be integrated into our marketing materials.”

Lebanese singer Ajram originally signed up as a brand ambassador for Damas in 2005. She was re-signed this year.



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