Panda – Never say no to Panda

Panda, an Egyptian manufacturer of cheese and dairy products, has dramatically revamped its advertising thanks to boutique agency Elephant Cairo. The four-man agency, which won two grands prix at this year’s Dubai Lynx, sold the client the ‘crazy idea’ that if you don’t like Panda products, eat Panda products, or refuse a Panda sandwich, the Panda will kick your ass.
Utilising dark and subtle humour, the ‘Never say no to Panda’ concept is revealed in a string of new TVCs, which show people refusing to eat Panda cheese. They then nervously look towards a life-size Panda, who stares blankly back at them accompanied by Buddy Holly’s True Love Ways, before the Panda proceeds to smash things up.

Project Never say no to Panda
Client Arab Dairy – Panda, Egypt
Creative agencies Advantage Marketing & Advertising/Elephant Cairo
Creative directors Ali Ali, Maged Nassar
Copywriters Ali Ali, Maged Nassar
Producer Hossam Fawzy
Director Ali Ali
Director of photography Pedro del Ray
Exposure TV

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  1. 0gg says:

    The best commercial ever!
    Eat panda or be trolled by it!

  2. Thea says:

    Oh my god, this is hilarious.

  3. […] jingoistic Tango ads of the 1990s. Credit to the boutique firm that came up with the ad, Elephant Cairo. Here’s an interview with their creative director who won a Silver Lion for the Panda ads. […]

  4. DADA says:

    Great arab advertising! Awesome!

  5. Sanja says:


  6. The song is the Pick Records version of Buddy Holly and The Picks singing “True Love Ways”.

  7. Bert says:

    @Jeep – I would speak to Ali Ali to sort out your next advert

    I actually love this, best thing I’ve seen – any digital or experiential on the way??

  8. M Jacob says:

    Nice work, the props (what’s that, an Apple 2C) were a let down. Still very original.

  9. Salwa says:

    This is smart ! what a good agency

  10. Bert says:

    I love the old C2’s – i think my old agency still use them…..

  11. CV Prakash says:

    One of the best adverts in recent times. Creative thought at its best. Amazing is the word. Simply Brilliant. Get us more !!!

  12. elise says:

    What are the speaker saying “made a le hashwa” or something? What does it meen and can it be written in latin letters? You know????

  13. A.A. says:

    @elise, at the end it says “Panda – ma yit2alihash le2a” translates to “Panda – you don’t say ‘No’ to it”

  14. grafittix says:

    These are hilarious and the best spots I’ve seen in a while!

  15. Greg says:

    Do these panda to the Egyptian sense of humour somehow? Because they don’t do anything for me. “Buy our product or we’ll break things.” How original!

  16. Skav says:

    Well Greg, despite your poor use of English syntax, I’m gathering that you are generalizing Egyptians and not really understanding the commercial. It’s more the fact that it is an upright panda doing the actions, not the actions itself. You’re also ignoring the ironic use of the music. You should research conventional western ad campaigns I assure you the messaging they are sending in those are far more ridiculous and offending.

  17. Ravan says:

    I just typed Boston Bruins Bear in YouTube…

  18. Melanie says:

    I love it! Best commercials ever. I’ve been cracking up for days!

  19. Ravan says:

    Cracking up at Bostons Bruins Bear?

  20. Dubai Stynx says:

    Melanie says she loves it; best commercial ever.
    Melanie, go to YouTube and type Boston Bruins if you really want to know if Panda is the best commercial ever.

  21. FP7 STYNX says:

    Panda Cheese is the biggest scam!

    Boston Bruins was released 2009

    Panda cheese was released 2011

  22. Antonio says:

    That’s Pauli (The Panda) Palermo. He got sent up for a while on a extortion rap. Pretty much ran Attica while he was there. Nice guy, always smiling. Even when he gets angry. Especially when he gets angry! Just don’t say no to The Panda and you won’t have any problems.